Across State Lines
Johnson, CJ

Across State Lines (City of Fountains #3)

Heather Whitaker has experienced more in her young life than women twice her age.   After being beaten and raped by her boyfriend Heather sought refuge at a domestic violence shelter.  Here, where she should be safe, Heather is befriended by a woman who lures her to a party across state lines that ends in tragedy. Heather is kidnapped, thrust into the trunk of her car and driven back to the City of Fountains.  An unlikely ally comes to Heather’s rescue and she finds her way to the hospital.

Detective Francesca “Frankie” Thomas is on the case.  What begins as a simple investigation leads Frankie down a dark road.  While trying to find Heather’s attackers, she is led into a world fraught with drugs, exploitation and murder. It becomes a race against time – will Frankie be able to put it all together before another woman ends up dead?