No Stone Unturned
Johnson, CJ

No Stone Unturned (City of Fountains #2)

Sarah Smedley recently returned to the City of Fountains after several years of living on the west coast.  During an evening spent reuniting with her friends, she is kidnapped by a man intent on exacting revenge for a misdeed unrelated to her.  After calling 9-1-1 numerous times to no avail, Sarah finally escapes and calls her father. 

Detective Francesca “Frankie” Thomas is assigned the case and in true Frankie-fashion she attacks it with bulldog-like ferocity.  Frankie quickly learns this was not just a kidnapping and rape but also a hate crime. 

While Frankie is trying to get justice for Sarah, a serial rapist continues to prey upon women who work her city’s streets. Frankie finally gets a break in the case and as she tries to get justice for the women she finds herself at odds with the very office that can make it happen. Will justice be served or will a clash of personalities allow two rapists to go free?